Page Authority, ‘Both Sides of the Coin’; for Article Advertising

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‘Both Sides of the Coin’ a funeral directors nightmare………… Actually; SEO tactics


Great, All the articles on SEO to build a website and no one comprehends except the funeral director…wonderful.

Not a subject that you want to get wrong when you are building your [eafl id=”1706″ name=”wordpress” text=”website”] for article advertising; check this article to brush up on your skills and knowledge.

SEO for websites

I had better brush up on some skills and basic page authority comprehension in this instance.

If it is that you need to learn something about [eafl id=”1605″ name=”Yoast” text=”SEO”] it would be for, in this instance, of article advertising and writing articles. For article advertising purposes, it is that we need to learn [eafl id=”1605″ name=”Yoast” text=”SEO”] to be able to achieve high ranking scores. If you are in the business of article advertising then read on here.

Technological methods, are now a framework for both advertiser and copywriter. This  standard, if you like, is a requirement to achieve an outcome of income from such article advertising. Just as it is for the advertiser to equally gain business from such advertising articles.

Technology moves fast and changes often. Which then requires an updating of techniques to master the updating technology first, then developing the writing skills second.  (This can be relative to spacial physics).

To write advertising script, master the requirements of technology for article advertising pretty much first and the skill of actually writing second.

Gone, are the days, of just being able to use a typewriter where copywriting was the only skill you ever needed and two fingers.  Ha Ha .. Here we go…… basics nothing tricky.

Page Authority

Google has recently changed its algo-rythym to not rank websites of various content as it was before. Economic conditions, and website content could be corrupted or stolen, forcing Google to rethink its behaviour. Google enabled itself  to then generate a more fair and less corrupt and pointless system.

In essence, organic content that was being created was minimal yet extensive. This caused a fruitless economic environment, or what is called a false economy. Rendered in time, the whole system useless which forced change.

Now, ranking consists of a Page Authority PA and a DA which is Domain Authority.  This grading system allows google and other search engines, to place in order of achievement within its alithogram, vital websites that people useful and or find interesting.

Page Authority has been specifically developed by MOZ.  Moz has been adopted by the worldwide web as a dominating and fair grading system. The grading system predicts how well a specific page will rank on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Page Authority Scores

Page Authority scores range from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability relatively, to rank. New and young websites have an equable chance of getting as good if not better ranking than older websites using this system.  Significance, is that it is easier to grow your [eafl id=”1706″ name=”wordpress” text=”website”] Page Authority score from 20 to 30 than it is to grow your score from 70 to 80.

Regard the Page Authority calculation as a comparative metric. Rather, than the old absolute of a concrete and (hopefully not a headstone) score,  such as, before when google was ranking websites.  The comparative metric does not judge as such as a good or bad Page Authority score. Rather, it just arrives at the score presented by Moz web indexing. Moz web takes into account dozens of factors to arrive at such a score.

To measure your page authority, get the [eafl id=”1608″ name=”MOZ toolbar” text=”MOZ”] SEO toolbar. [eafl id=”1608″ name=”MOZ toolbar” text=”MOZ”]BAR  can measure your websites Page Authority and show you the authority of other website pages.

How do we influence and get Page Authority Scores for Article Advertising?

Page Authority, can not be, a score that you can influence directly.  Approximately 40 factors make up the Page Authority Score. Therefore, it is, an aggregate of metrics, where  each factor impacts on this score.

As in physics, no one factor is the dominating force, therefore, Page Authority cannot be manipulated, only measured.

To influence your Page Authority, is to improve its link profile.   Get external [eafl id=”1609″ name=”Moz” text=”links”] from other high-authority pages. Those [eafl id=”1609″ name=”Moz” text=”links”] then can  act as votes of confidence for the authority of your page.


How to get the external links for promoting our [eafl id=”1706″ name=”wordpress” text=”website”] article advertising?

When writing the Article we need to place links to external websites that are relevant to our copy or article that we are writing.  External linking is when an outside website links to your website. Similarly, if you [eafl id=”1609″ name=”Moz” text=”link”] out to a specific website that is also regarded as an external [eafl id=”1609″ name=”Moz” text=”link”].

Use  different anchor text, within the copy, for the same external links to enhance context and usability for your users.  A variety of anchor text for the external links enhances context and usability, for readers and search engines love this.

This is the only way to build a true page and domain authority from Organic content.

  • Top SEOs believe that an external link is the most important source of ranking power.
  • Search engines consider External links as third-party votes and therefore pass link equity (ranking power) to your website, different than an internal links that is not a  third-party vote.

Why build internal links within your website to develop your Page Authority?

Building internal links within your website soon develops page Authority. By establishing site structure you can easily navigate around your website from subject to subject. Internal links go from one page on a domain to a different page on the same domain.

When developing Internal links, try to use descriptive keywords.   Anchor text leads the reader to require more knowledge about the topic that the anchor text is trying to describe.

Remember that in article advertising,  the source page, which is your article,  is targeting a specific subject. Where the ‘subject’, will be linked to externally within the copy that you write. Internal links that will lead to other subject posts and pages.

Note that the internal link brings link equity (authority scores and ranking power) to your website.

This enables users to navigate your website and provides structure in the form of categorisation, thus building a solid primordial foundation, for the reader to build knowledge and harmony.

Creating Backlinks

Backlinks, are a newsy bit of text placed at the bottom of your website that link to another website and visa-versa.

Creating [eafl id=”1617″ name=”backlinks” text=”Backlinks”] provides reader interest and is another form of providing Page Authority.  [eafl id=”1617″ name=”backlinks” text=”Backlinks”] provide another vote of confidence from other Authority websites.

A no cost version which is absolutely fabulous, and automatic placement within wordpress sites is a website business named [eafl id=”1612″ name=”” text=””].

[eafl id=”1612″ name=”” text=””], in effect places websites together and creates automatic placement of newsy snippets at the base of your advertising article or blog.

Page Authority To Do Checklist:-


  •  Get [eafl id=”1605″ name=”Yoast” text=”Yoast”] for copywriting your advertising articles. [eafl id=”1605″ name=”Yoast” text=”SEO”].
  •  Get MOZBar by [eafl id=”1608″ name=”MOZ toolbar” text=”MOZ”] and see the Page Authority of the advertising article that you are writing.
  •  Build Intenal [eafl id=”1609″ name=”Moz” text=”links”] to build the primordial structure (as in pyramid) of your [eafl id=”1706″ name=”wordpress” text=”website”] to build page authority.
  •  Build External [eafl id=”1609″ name=”Moz” text=”links”] to other High Authority Websites.
  •  Go to [eafl id=”1612″ name=”” text=””] and get [eafl id=”1617″ name=”backlinks” text=”backlinks”] built to your article page on autopilot.
  •  Get a great sitemap plugin such as ‘XML Sitemap’ and post the sitemaps that include internal links and external links, manually at [eafl id=”1628″ name=”BIng” text=”bing”] and [eafl id=”1629″ name=”Google” text=”google”].

Other [eafl id=”1605″ name=”Yoast” text=”tools”] you can purchase later.  The tools above are free to use which provide a great base to start or consolidate what you are doing already.


Now Watch the ‘Roll Trainer’ on building an Authority

Watch the ‘Roll Trainer’ on developing Organic Traffic




Go to page 2 now Domain Authority













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Page Authority, 'Both Sides of the Coin’; for Article Advertising
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Page Authority, 'Both Sides of the Coin’; for Article Advertising
Page Authority for article advertising. If you need to learn SEO it would be for, in this instance, of advertising and writing articles
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